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A little personal tidbit

Black Out Diabetes in the TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes-Toronto event‏

Last year, I was fortunate enough to dodge my way out of Type II Diabetes. There are so many people that aren't as lucky and I would like to promote this cause to support them and help fund critical research in Type I diabetes.

I am here to support all the brave and wonderful people of all ages that struggle with diabetes day by day. The people that I know walk through life with a strong smile and a worthy cause.

It is expected that in our lifetime we will get to see a cure and by supporting me and my team you get to be one step closer to that goal!

Please consider donating to be part of history or joining our small but mighty team in this important fight to Black Out Diabetes!

To make a donation please click on the link below. Thank you for your time


With Love and Appreciation,

Raunie (Flint)


Really show.... REALLY??!?!?!?!

Don't even get me started about the new L word... the show has always had problems we all know that.. but.... um..... *explodes*

post will follow... when my blood pressure goes back to normal

but just as a preview... i have a great friend that also watches this insane show.. and this conversation happened just minutes after i finished the episode

ok, so while having said conversation I apparently exploded... so, below is not so much a conversation  but rather the result of my brain being splattered against the wall our of sheer amazement that people actually think this show represents ANYONE, nevermind lesbians ... but this show should not be allowed to exist on the sheer principle that its writers have little else to do but pick their nose and wipe it on a piece of paper and call it a "hit show"
ahem.... anyways...

Cut to find an hour of horrendous TV junk summarized to fit five quick, ranty points. Collapse )

ok ok i squeezed a sixth in there.. and i wasn't all that short in my commenting... but it just makes me so damn mad. i wish i could articulately express how much that show has let me down .. but alas, i resort to snarky. i can deal with that.

this show is exactly what perpetuates that idea that there is something wrong with being gay.... but let me just clear it up.. there is nothing wrong with being gay and everything wrong with being a writer that clearly doesn't have a talented bone in their body.... not saying i could do any better.. i'm just saying..


livejournal kicked it up a notch

Why hello there!! *waves*

so LJ has recently thrown out some really really amazing stuff that i would LOVE to sit down a read - but alas .. no time, or attention span. so my bookmarks are getting more plentiful with all the lovely poly discussions and femslash goodness .....

just got my internet back *snerks at rogers* they told me i would have to drag myself down to one of their silly stores and try to convince them to give me a new modem but when i got back from work -- POOF-- it was back... take that!

People are good

I was reminded today about humanity and the good of people.

I had a plumber come to the office to install a couple of toilets, a sink and a faucet and he quoted me a very decent price. when he got there he noticed that a lot more work needed to be done to fix what the previous plumber had buggered. in my head i was thinking "great... so much for being under budget" but he managed to stay within the quoted price (plus $100 for a new valve) and was there for total of 12 hours (10 yesterday and 2 more today) he is a lovely man that just wanted to help. what gets me about all this is that HE'S A PLUMBER!!! isn't their primary job to screw people? but this guy was different. he went out of his way to keep the cost down and was friendly and personable the entire time he was there

it made me incredibly excited that there are beautiful, kind and generous people in the world that truly do want to help and work hard to please others as well as themselves. and when they aren't happy with the work they have done they stay until they are because in the end if they are happy, the customer is happy.

 and i am one happy customer
I have had a very difficult week at work and no shows to help me through (or energy to even watch anything) so i feel that this is important for my sanity. it was inspired by  tzikeh but altered because of the need for warm and fuzzy or stuff to get my mind off how damn tired i am

Top 10 (or up to 10) purchases for you or for someone else in 2008

Top 10 (or up to 10) hilarious moments you've experienced in 2008

Top 10 (or up to 10) Sappy moments you've experienced in 2008

Top 10 (or up to 10) websites you have stumbled across and enjoyed immensely in 2008

and finally

Top 10 (or up to 10) places you've been to in 2008 (it could be to a new store/ country/ city/ part of a city/ garden ... etc..)

so yes, if you are reading this and in need of a little reflecting of the past year (i *still* shudder at that word because of damn teachers college) please reply to any or all of these top 10's in the comments




no words...

I don't know.. I posted this ages ago and I think it's really important. so, because of Prop 8 I am so very appreciative that I live in a country that will allow me to marry the person I love but it doesn't mean I don't care about or support those to who still struggle to do so. there are so many more important issues to be fighting for, why does this have to be one of them?

Please watch this

equity - not equality. I'm not sure I want to be exactly the same as someone else walking down the street but it doesn't mean I don't want or deserve the same rights.

Holiday Mondays Make my Brain Fall Asleep

So there is one thing that I have always wanted to do ... but have never bothered scrounge up the energy to do it. but today (because I am off from work and sitting watching movies and bad television) I started writing a small ficlet. I am not sure what it is going to be about but I just started jotting some ideas down. I know that it was going to be a Callica fic about the start of their relationship and how they struggle just to be normal. but its so cliche and when i sat down it came out a little of different... I'm not sure if I am going to go through with it yet. but we'll see....

tonight is Heroes..... the preview makes me sad for the writers of that show... yet I do have a question that maybe someone can help me with. If that show is so bad and no offensive to just about everyone on the planet... why do I keep watching it? what is it about that show that makes me tune in every week?

hmm.... television is an odd place full of wonder and disappointment. but every once and a while a show does really well with whatever you believe in and you're hooked...


election... make... me ... crazy

I am watching the second presidential debate right now and wanting to slam my face into the ground. both are not doing well... it's not helping my interest. but it is a very interesting election to watch for this generation. because of all of the economic problems going on right now it really does show the candidates true colours of what they are going to do about it. and to be honest, i'm not impressed with either. one contradicts, and the other has no passion. i appreciate living in Canada sooo much right now...

it's a little sad (slash... *very* sad) that i haven't really paid much attention to our own election right now. but to be fair i think its very interesting that Harper just released his platform for the campaign today (Oct 7th) when the election is in one week.. and we've be hearing about the American platforms, policies, and candidates for 18 months. when do things become excessive?